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About us

Men’s Health Clinic was founded by a select group of healthcare experts, who came to the realisation that a huge number of Australian men were suffering with ED and did not have access to the professional support, medication and guidance needed to overcome it.

Ours is a precise mission: provide men with immediate, effective and confidential treatment for erectile dysfunction. We have at our disposal state-of-the-art medications and technology, along with a team of physicians and care providers who are the best at what they do, their skills developed from years of experience helping men from Australia, New Zealand and around the world rediscover the joys of sex and intimacy.

Men’s Health Clinic is a leading men’s health care provider in Australia and we are proud of what we have accomplished to date:

  • Our men’s health resources are effective, safe, confidential and supportive.
  • We lead the way in deploying the most innovative, forward-thinking ED treatments on behalf of our patients.
  • Our men’s health professionals have proven that erectile dysfunction is very treatable and can be completely eliminated in most patients.

Driving our efforts and desire to succeed is knowing that too many men suffer in silence from erectile dysfunction, afraid to come forward and confront their difficulty. These men are living their lives without the great satisfaction and joy that comes from healthy sexual relationships, unaware that a solution is within reach.

Based in Australia, our patients are mostly from Australia and New Zealand. However as our reputation for successful treatment has grown, we have drawn new patients from around the world. We specialise in devising treatments that match specifically the individual needs of each patient: treatment is not “one size fits all” but innovated differently for each patient.

Thank you again for allowing Men’s Health clinic to play a part in restoring your health and happiness. We hope you find all of the satisfaction and joy that you deserve!

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